CIKM 2015 is now completed. See you in Indianapolis in 2016!

Best Paper Awards

The best paper awards were sponsored by Microsoft Research.

Best paper

Assessing the Impact of Syntactic and Semantic Structures for Answer Passages Reranking

Kateryna Tymoshenko (University of Trento); Alessandro Moschitti (Qatar Computing Research Institute).

Best Student Paper

Struggling and Success in Web Search

Daan Odijk (University of Amsterdam); Ryen W. White, Ahmed Hassan Awadallah, Susan T. Dumais (Microsoft Research).

Runner up Best Paper

Private Analysis of Infinite Data Streams Via Retroactive Grouping

Rui Chen, Yilin Shen, Hongxia Jin (Samsung Research America).

Runner up Best Student Paper

Personalized Trip Recommendation with POI Availability and Uncertain Traveling Time

Chenyi Zhang, Hongwei Liang, Ke Wang (Simon Fraser University); Jianling Sun (Zhejiang University).

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